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Be part of our exciting ecosystem and join the Philocity Investor Community.

With our pool of expertise, industry knowledge and resources, we bring together carefully reviewed high potential investment opportunities for individuals and corporate investors through the Philocity Investor Community. Partnerships and network are the heart of what we do. Members of our community invest not just their capital but their passion and experience as well.

Investors are assured that utmost attention is vested on legalities, risk management and due diligence to ensure the success of the companies invested in. The Philocity Investor Community ecosystem is a strong network that is genuinely geared for growth and monitored for efficiencies and results. 

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We collaborate strongly with our partners to contribute value and establish business footprints in the field long-term business goals achievement.


Muaziq Engineering Sdn. Bhd. is a Biomass Renewable Energy Supplier. We encourage environmental friendly type of biomass materials such as Palm Kernel Shell, Palm Fiber, Woodchips and many more. We are a consultancy and manufacturing company dealing with use of Palm Kernel Shell, Fibres, woodchips and so on. All this biomass is waste from industries processes and it will jeopardise the environment if it is let left on the planet, different of materials bring different usage.




RumaHouse furniture is brand new and gorgeous with full range of items as One-Stop-Solutions Furniture. We specialize in designing and manufacturing series of Good Quality Furniture products for your property from living room to kitchen and bedroom and even to offices. All RumaHouse products have passed through Quality Control with more than 2000 products. Direct from factory with affordable price, export quality furniture.

HeRun Solutions Limited Corporation

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HeRun Solutions Limited Corporation,established in Shenzhen, it is dedicated to advance training for the President Managerial Level, Corporate Consulting, Capital Operations, etc. With the model of experiential and accessibility in private session sharing, we integrate resources from all the parties in term of human resources, capital, experiences team, tools and other aspects of a comprehensive combination for us to help out individuals, families and business personnel. Through enriches themselves with micro benefits and runs a business or their career in wisdom, self-development, family and value growth


Eileen Chen is the founder of HeRun. Through her lifetime of learning and practice experience, connections and resources, with overseas partners to establish a domestic enterprise of corporate consulting and capital operations business with overseas partner. The founder of HeRun, Eileen Chen interpreted learning as a habit, win-win cooperation as a belief, and education as an activity. We will integrate relationships, business connections and resources through regular gatherings, learning, discussions and exchange ideas through 「HeRun Sharing」to create a create a bright business that suppoer personal growth, leverages corporate development, maintains family happiness and contributes to the social and economic development!

Philosgci Venture Fund


PHILOSGCI VENTURE FUND specializes in investing in high-tech venture capital sub-funds. The first fund is 100 million yuan in size. The fund is operated by a domestic fund management company with a private equity fund manager license. It has established a strict risk control system and fund funds. Custody in a bank account with custody qualifications strictly in accordance with the regulatory requirements of the fund industry agreement. The strategic partner Guozhu Delinford and the German financial communication technology listed company Feile Changben and Feile Delin are jointly committed to creating "your best investment and financial management strategies".

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