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 Our Brand Story

Germany is a global leader in sophisticated and green energy technologies and has one of the most stable economies in the world. As one of the leading countries in technological and engineering innovation, the country has implemented advanced and refined industrial technology in export and production. Hence, Philocity collaborates with a German company in the field of telecommunications and technology investment to establish a strong foundation for the company before expanding to Malaysia and the rest of the world. 


In line with our vision of being the “Cradle of Creating Emerging Industries”, our logo represents what we stand for. Our logo features a lion head, Leo, that faces the right, which symbolises excellence, reliability and authority that is reflective of Germany’s business culture. We embody our Leo SPIRIT in building our ecosystem of business empires and fulfilling the business needs of our business partners.


The founding philosophy of Philocity comes from the meaning of two words combined. In Greek, "Philo" means loving and brotherhood. At the same time "City" refers to a prosperous business ecosystem that thrives in today's dynamic metropolis. Hence, our name Philocity equates to "Building a greater business world through courageous and close brotherhood." 

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