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As a respectable player in the field, Philocity believes in empowering our clients and strategic partners. Together, we can create a robust ecosystem that thrives on each company's and each partner's strength. We are committed to creating and leveraging on opportunities that can drive growth, profitability and sustainability for everyone.

We work with visionary entrepreneurs and companies that strive to grow their brand and corporate strength. Hence, we cover every step of the value chain through our extensive scope of services:

What We Do?

Venture Capital

Philocity offers practical and effective solutions for all the funding needs of startups and growing businesses. We provide support to startups and businesses in finance, operations and provide industry leverage to help companies to add value, scale-up and expand locally and internationally.

We build the confidence of promising startups or growing businesses with high potential by providing stable and reliable support. Ensuring that the companies get the push they need to gain the right momentum and implement sustainable business strategies.

Management Consultation

We offer management consulting services and work closely with each companies’ directors and key employees to ensure full clarity on internal operating structures, systems and procedures. We analyse and develop custom-made approaches, innovative solutions and recommendation to improve strategic planning, business systems and operational efficiency.

Focusing on critical issues and opportunities to bring about impactful changes that transform your business. We give startups valuable insight and accelerate companies to facilitate learning and improving organisational effectiveness.

Financial and Accounting Advisory

We provide expert financial advisory on various areas including corporate finance, management, accounting transactions and valuation, business restructuring and other solution-driven services to suit our client’s needs. We help clients navigate the ever-evolving sophisticated financial reporting and address regulatory requirements.

Our dedicated team has the technical skill and experience to streamline processes, manage finances and to optimize systems to ensure compliance and accelerate business growth. With the increased complexity and fluctuating economic environment, it is essential to manage cash flow and key business decisions affecting finances. We ensure that the organization is protected, following procedures and audit-ready.

IT Solutions

We offer a host of IT solutions and service to enhance and connect businesses. Whether our clients are looking for new systems, transforming their business or contemplating novel technology, we help companies to deliver quality results through innovative IT solutions depending on their business needs.

We ensure that the right technology is appropriately implemented and appropriately managed, improving efficiency in business operations. Moreover, we implement innovative security solutions to ensure that our clients are smarter and safer.

Training Solutions

Our scope of consulting services for learning and training ranges from short courses, competencies management modules, on-the-job coaching, programme planning and linkage to accredited courses. With proven courses and training, we enhance business performance, customer relations and internal communication.

We empower your employees with innovative learning and competency training courses in various areas of business. Thus, we strive to provide corporate training which boosts individual performance, team building and development of new skills.

HR Solutions

We provide a variety of solutions to help the companies that we work with to enhance employee performance. These range from employee recruitment, training and development, appraisal, engagement to performance management.

We provide HR solutions that scale with the company’s growth. Our comprehensive suite of solutions goes beyond human capital management and also entails software solution systems. Companies can efficiently manage payroll, attendance, rosters and training. Thus, improving the flow of human capital management.

Product Distribution

We link companies to distribution and logistic vendors from different sectors and service points to provide integrated coverage of product marketing and distribution, both locally and internationally. With our network and connections, we develop personalized distribution strategies that are cost-efficient, increases brand awareness and product reach.

A service or product distribution strategy is vital before venturing new markets. We ensure successful product distribution by utilizing proper distribution management from packaging, inventory, logistics and communication. We bridge the gap between your products or services and consumers.

Market Development

Our secure national and global connections enable us to connect companies across various business ecosystems for new market penetration and expansion strategies. We give you a considerable edge ahead of your competitors and a systematic approach to prevent waste of resources.


With proper research and connections, we help our clients to come up with competitive prices that suit the target demographic, geography and income level of buying customers.

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