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There are two main ways to use capital: for short-term arbitrage or long-term gain. Both must be good with time, and they should be done in accordance with the support of funds, the leverage of capital, and the value of resources, according to the established rules and mechanisms. The environment is full of uncertainty, and the internal system, which is made up of people, things, and other things, is also full of variation. Because of this, the process of making things and getting better never goes in a straight line. We must do it step by step with the most flexible ways of thinking, acting, planning, and making strategies. Before we can reach our goal, we must stick to our strong beliefs, keep making and building things, and reach key milestones along the way.


a good business and life is a winning business and life, a champion business and life, a wonderful life and business! Only by creating a high-efficiency balance between production capacity and output can you consistently have a good business and a good life. High-efficiency creation, expressed by "individual" and "team" victories! "Be Proactive" is based on the "first things first" time priority and "beginning with the end in mind" to pick the right values for each situation. Grasp the "emotional account" relationship between people, start with "win-win thinking" use "Seek first to understand, then to be understood" as a guide for interactive communication and relationship management, respect each person's differences in a "synthetic and comprehensive way" and celebrate each person's insufficiency to create an effective third plan for a high-efficiency and excellent life. The Great Life is a Life of Two Victories! "Sharpen the saw - constantly renewing" the personal success of being proactive, starting with the end in mind, and putting first things first; "Sharpen the saw - constantly renewing" win-win thinking, seek first to understand then to be understood, and the team's victory of synergy, and the high-efficiency performance of double victories, creating individuals, teams and the business is great in every way!


There are an infinite number of ways to solve a problem, but the best way is to use insight to see through the surface and change the model. People with average skills change the result, good skills change the cause, and top skills change the model.
People who spend a lifetime not seeing clearly will have very different lives than
those who spend a half a second to see through the essence. In business, work, and life, smart companies and people can get to the heart of the matter, see the main points at a glance, and solve problems all at once.

Our Core Values
How can we make it happen?

The people of Germany have a strong belief in the Leo spirit, and it is apparent in their business culture and etiquette. The spirit of the lion symbolises the courage, honour and responsibility that every pride member should have. Similar to a pride of lions, Philocity’s team adhere to the hierarchy and are hardworking, powerful, wise, cooperative and strong. Thus, we pledge to uphold and abide by these core values, defined by the spirit of Leo.


The four core behaviours of capital management are capital circulation, capital precipitation, capital leverage, and resource integration. Keeping up with the times, independently build the capital operation sections of traditional finance and new financial technology and realise the value realisation of short-term operations and long-term operations under the interactive integration of investor community, capital, assets, and resources!


starting with the end in mind, what we want to do, why we want to do it, and how we want to do it., customers, etc., where to go and what results to get? Even though we insist on being proactive and wanting the business to grow and have a bright future, we also insist on paying honest attention to the problems we can solve and finding the real and urgent needs in the world. Deeply serve our company's sense of purpose in the big picture, in the team, and in each individual member, and move step by step, day by day, in a certain direction.

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