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Encouraging the exchange of wisdom and expertise. Embodying the lion spirit, we prioritise learning and growth to become future leaders and innovators.


Embracing collaboration with an absolute commitment to achieving shared goals. We are committed to building a caring, supportive and symbiotic environment for every team member to unite and deliver excellent results. 


Dedicated to self-improvement and aspirations for growth. We celebrate the differences that strengthen the team, creating a culture of creativity and personal expression which allows for everyone to excel in their respective roles.


Acting with honesty and integrity in all we that we do for our customers. We conduct ourselves with honour and accountability to our clients and employees, which earns us their trust and respect.


Making a difference and bravely forging the future. We always strive to be the best and harness innovation to push the boundaries of the norm to become trailblazers in the industry. That’s why we’re always one step ahead.


We are steadfast and relentless in our pursuit of success. We stay focused to ensure that we overcome challenges and solve problems to reach our goal. Our drive is unparalleled as we act in the best interest of our clients.

Our Core Values

The people of Germany have a strong belief in the Leo spirit, and it is apparent in their business culture and etiquette. The spirit of the lion symbolises the courage, honour and responsibility that every pride member should have. Similar to a pride of lions, Philocity’s team adhere to the hierarchy and are hardworking, powerful, wise, cooperative and strong. Thus, we pledge to uphold and abide by these core values, defined by the spirit of Leo.